Greg Schwerman
Razorback Base
Here’s a little bit of trivia for you. In January 2013 the base had
160 members, in January 2014 the base roster listed 184
members, January 2015 listed 185 members, January 2016 173
members and as of January 2017 our base roster indicated 168
members. So in 5 years the base grew from 160 members to a
high of 185 and back down to the present 168. During that time
we had 22 members go on Eternal Patrol. Of the current 168
members 114 are USSVI Life members and 105 are Base Life
members.  87 members are in Holland Club, and this year we will
also induct 6 new Holland Club members. Several members have
transferred their membership to other bases because they have
moved away, and several have dropped Razorback Base and
USSVI completely for various reasons.
I would like to ask that anyone who knows of any friends or
coworkers that were qualified in submarines, to invite them to a
meeting or event and ask them to give Razorback Base and
USSVI a try. If you have their email address forward the base
newsletter to them for a few months and maybe we can reach that
185+ figure. I’d like to see Razorback regain the title as the largest
base west of the Mississippi, but more importantly I’d like to see
more faces at our monthly meetings and events. Call a shipmate
and ask if he’d like to share a ride to the meeting.
At last Saturday’s E-board meeting, the board came up with a
schedule for the year starting with the February base meeting at
1400 at the Coast Guard Auxiliary trailer and meeting for dinner at
one of the local restaurants afterwards.  (I have been instructed to
keep the meeting short and to the point to allow time for dinner
and sea stories) Allen will include the remainder of the dates and
events further down in the newsletter, so I won’t list them all now,
but I hope we have included something to offer to everyone. We
have tried to offer more events and less business meetings and at
earlier times for those of us that don’t like to drive at night. Please
address any comments wishes or ideas about growing our
membership to me by Email at
Greg Schwerman
Base Commander
Membership Chairman